About Us

Vista Aérea ENM 1Honouring the technical and human capital inherited from the Mondego Shipyards─ (Estaleiros Navais do Mondego)─ Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding positions itself as an innovative, competitive, exploring operator and with sights set on the future.

We maintain a solid position in the market of technological incorporation ships where we know we can make a change; because we are focused on what we know to do best; because we trust in our ability to do better.

We ensure excellence in the development of construction and repair solutions. We want our collaborators to be proud in the accomplished work, maximising value to our clients and shareholders.

We believe in people, in their knowledge, experience and capability to develop projects that will make Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding a business structure reference in the excellence of construction and repair shipyards’ management within the country members of the Portuguese Language Community Countries, CPLP.

And we are close to each client, to each partner, to each project; in any part of the World.