Our History

Estaleiros HistoriaThe shipbuilding history which Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding wishes to continue began to be written in September 1944, the founding date of the Mondego Shipyards.

The first fishing boat was built here in 1947. It measured 71,43 metres in length. Soon, the Mondego Shipyards took the role of the biggest national fishing boat manufacturer in the 20th century’s mid 50’s. Since then they have built an unparalleled portfolio of tens of naval units for the Portuguese Navy, apart from trawlers, tugboats, tuna vessels, general cargo ships and passenger catamarans for national and international clients.

In 2012, a team made by construction and repair shipyards senior management establishes Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding in order to buy the assets and the concession of the Mondego Shipyards. This operation integrates a broader investment program in construction and repair shipyards within the Portuguese Language Community Countries, CPLP.

The naval construction and repair activities are now strengthened by the establishment of technological partnerships with the Arsenal do Alfeite which maximise potential businesses with the Navy but also a solid operation in the markets of passenger transport, fishing ships and offshore ships.
All equipment at the Mondego Shipyards is up-to-date and dully certified by independent authorities. Human capital is preserved. We pursue certification. We pursue excellence.

Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding benefits from its geographical location which allows centralising its activity in Portugal maintaining commercial relationships with Europe, Africa and Latin America. It also benefits from a dimension which allows it to have a productive capacity in order to ensure greater added value activities in its shipyards.

Market research is now done nationally and internationally. Keeping up with the international market’s technical and technological evolution Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding remains focused on the client matching the rigour and stipulated demand in each contract.

Research and Development has a continuous presence in Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding’s actions. New methods, new equipment, new techniques are searched for. We gain a vision of the future. We gain in efficiency. We assume the ambition of Innovation.