After Sales Service

Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding is committed to provide an After-Sales Service to all its clients assuring that the excellence of its projects is extended far beyond the contractual delivery date.

Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding’s After-Sales Services encompass all construction and repair projects and are not geographically limited.
Therefore, it is possible to have in any part of the world a visit of a technical team from Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding which will lead the complete process of regularising any failures or defaults minimising any negative impacts on the client’s activity.

In order for all our clients to feel properly assisted when they need support the most Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding ensures a 24 hours response in Portuguese territory and a 48 hours response outside of Portugal.

All services provided by Atlanticeagle Shipbuilding are covered by a warranty valid for 1 year.

Split after-sales service within warranty term from programmed maintenance contract.